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The moonlight shone in through the partially open curtains falling on the sleeping face of a young man.  His hair was the rich color of honey and his skin shone in the moonlight.  His brow was creased as if in pain, and there was sweat on his brow.

He suddenly shot up in bed his amber eyes wide with fear.  He had been having the most horrible nightmares as of late.  Nightmares about monsters, and strange people in strange clothes.   He put a hand to his head as he felt it throb with the beginnings of a headache.

There was a stirring in the bed beside him.  He looked over and smiled as his twin sat up beside him, and placed a hand neatly on his shoulder a look of concern clearly written on his face.  "Are you alright Jean Paul?"  the other man asked.

Jean Paul nodded in reply,  "Yes, Jean Claude, I'm alright.  I just can't seem to shake these nightmares is all."

Jean Claude wrapped an arm around his "younger" twins shoulders, and pulled him close.  "Everything will be alright you'll see.  You're just anxious about the ball tomorrow."

"I suppose so."  He smiled and bumped his forehead against his brother's.  "I'll be alright then.  Just need a bit more sleep is all."  He laid back down, brother following suit.  They lay facing each hands clasped together.  

Some called them weird for being so close, some other less pleasant things.  They didn't care though, it was love yes, but not that of which they were accused.  They hoped to each find someone at the up coming ball that would understand that, but neither got their hopes up.  It no one looked promising they would be content, and hope to try again.

They had just about drifted off to sleep when they heard a door slam.  They both shot up in bed, Jean Claude's face was creased by anger.  They got out of bed, throwing on their robes they ran out to see who had entered their home.
Creeping their way down the stairs Jean Paul had one hand on Jean Claude's shoulder.  From where they were they could see light coming from what had been their father's study.

Jean Claude threw the door open storming in with Jean Paul right behind him.  He stopped dead in his tracks seeing the man seated at their father's desk like he owned it.  He had a dark complexion, with hair the color of a freshly plowed field.  When he looked up and saw them his emerald eyes twinkled.  "I'm glad you two woke up, though you may want to get dressed I don't have much time to talk and wouldn't want to send you in your underwear."

The twins looked at each other in shock.  Who was this person and why was he here talking to them as if he had known them their entire lives.  Against their better judgment they went upstairs to change they were curious what this dark stranger had in store for them.

It wasn't long later Jean Claude was lounging on the sofa in the study wearing a dark blue doublet with trousers and short cape of the same shade, his polished black boots shining in the candle light.  Beside him sat Jean Paul in a matching outfit of dark green, his head resting lightly on his twins shoulder.

The man stood and walked up to them.  He was wearing a worn pair of overalls and dark shirt, and much to their surprise no shoes.  He had a pleasant smile and a laid back voice that led them to believe he was trustworthy.  "My name is Mudd, and I need your help." he began.  "The book of stories is… unraveling I guess you could say much like a poorly knit scarf.  I would like to send the two of you in to fix it."

Jean Claude raised an eye brow.  "What is the book of Stories?  What exactly do you expect us to do to fix it?"

Mudd smiled that infectious smile again and replied, "The book of Stories is the book that contains every story ever written including your own."

"Our story?"  Jean Paul asked sounding both worried and skeptical.  "Are you saying we aren't real?"

"Of course not you're as real as I am.  As for how you're going to fix it.  You're pair of smart fellows I'm sure you'll figure it out."  He snapped his fingers, and the twins were over taken by the dizzying sensation of falling from a great height causing them both to pass out.

They lay unconscious in an unknown land, as it turns out Mudd hadn't exactly given them a choice as far as "helping" was concerned.  Where they would go from here, and what lay in store for them only time would tell.
Here is my audition story. I had to beta it myself, so there are likely errors I have missed.
DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, the concept of reality and unreality. ^__^ How I love the questions... Ehm. Before I go rambling, best of luck to you, friend. :)
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