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Names: Jean Claude and Jean Paul
Relationship: twins
Age: 25
Physical description: 5' 9" and 160lbs.   Shoulder length honey brown hair and amber eyes.  Strong well built with broad shoulders and a solid frame.
Chosen by: Mudd
Gift description: He gave the capes they already wear the power to become impenetrable with the spoken command "Protect"

Personality description:  Jean Claude is the "older" of the twins he is quick of wit and quicker to temper.  While he is quick to get angry he is just as quick to cool down from his brief spouts of anger.  He prefers to let his logic lead him in his decision making and never falters once he has made up his mind.  His, for the most part, cool head makes him the decision maker of the two and the unspoken "leader".  He is almost haughty in his self confidence and can be considered arrogant at first meeting.

Even though he cares deeply for his brother no other person has been known to be allowed in his shell of logical protection.  He remains detached from those around him and though it gives him quite the ability to judge without prejudice it also alienates him from any who try to befriend him.  His only companion is and remains his "younger" brother Jean Paul.

Jean Paul being the "younger" of the two is more emotion driven than his brother and often lets those feelings get in the way of reason.  Unlike his brother, however he doesn't anger easily only at a perceived threat to himself or someone he cares about does his temper show itself.  He is the people person of the two loving to meet new people and acquire new friendships.  He is always wanting to aid others and as a result can irritate his brother.

While he is the more slow witted of the two he is by no means stupid.  His slow approach to things can often lead him to see things his brother misses.  Being his brother's constant companion seems to be the only thing he truly desires in life having no obvious goals of his own he seems content to help his brother in every way he can.  As a result he has falsely been labeled the "weak" brother.  However, despite the fact that he himself can be wishy-washy and a bit air headed he is the only one that can change his stubborn brother's mind once it has been set.

History:  Jean Claude and Jean Paul were born in France in the year 1525.  The sons of a well known judge their family was well known and liked.  Their father known for being a fair judge and raised his boys to do the same.  Their mother an envied beauty had a passion for the arts and had her own studio from which she did her paintings.  She was often commissioned by the locals to their family portraits.

Jean Claude was often seen in his father's study pouring over the many books of law that his father owned.  His ever present companion Jean Paul by his side with a sketch book in hand trying to perfect his art like their mother.  They also spent many hours with their fencing instructor as their father had.  As they grew their fencing skill improved and soon they were giving instruction to the young boys in town.

Along with their fencing their riding skills also improved they were the best in the region and could not be beaten by any on horse back.  Though their fencing and riding skill were admirable their intelligence and survival skill stayed more or less average.  Though they shone in some skills they were little more than average in many others.  As a result not many took notice and they made few friends.  They became even closer as they grew older and became inseparable by the time they came of age.  

Their possible brides were often put out by this and some considered it odd that they would still sleep in the same bed.  Because of this they stayed single and remain at home until their parents untimely death in a carriage accident caused them to inherit the family homestead.  Jean Claude taking up the reigns as bread winner by becoming a judge himself thus allowing his brother to take up his mother's position of local artist.

Abilities: The brothers don't have anything as far as special powers go.  They excel in fencing, and riding with little else to set them apart from your average man.
This is my character sheet for the TBOS-OCT. Jean Claude and Jean Paul.
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Umi-No-Tenshi Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011
Your Jean Claude and Jean Paul seem like very interesting characters! If by luck or chance our characters meet in the Realm of Stories, I think that would be awesome. Best of luck to you!
DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Good luck! :)

Ahh, fifteen hundreds. ^_^ If we ever wind up in Science Fiction ones, should be quite fun to see their reactions. :meow:
yaoiangel36551 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011
Thank you. Scfi ones if it comes up should be very interesting.
DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yess. :3 Could see your boys and my Vampire even in just modern Earth staring dumbfounded at a microwave cooking something. ;p :giggle: :D
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